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[06/28/20]   I want everyone to know I’m getting your messages and I will get back to you soon . Taking a couple of days to soak it all in .
[06/26/20]   Well, it’s almost official.

After today, I’m closing the salon doors.

I’ve thought about this day for a long time. I never really knew what it would feel like, or how I would react. I have peace with little anxiety.

After 14 years of being a hairstylist, I’m closing my salon, leaving only a layer of hairspray behind, and beginning the next chapter of my life, a stay at home mom. Life is too short to not live out your dreams.

I’m so very grateful that I have the opportunity to stay home with my kids. I do not take for granted how nice it is that I’ve been able to choose that. I know so many women who long for that(that was me). And a husband who supports me.

Of course, it goes without saying, I don’t think being a stay at home or working mom is a “right” or “wrong” decision. It’s more of a “right” or “left” decision, you know? Neither is wrong in an of itself, they are just different. A different direction, if you will.

Let’s get sentimental... I never thought I would ever stop doing hair. During Covid my eyes were opened and I realized I am missing out on my families time and what’s most important in my life, FAMILY.

Pretty much had a dream schedule, with a dream clientele, in a dream salon.

And now, closing my business and leaving behind clients that I’ve been working with for years. It’s rather sad.

Overall, I could not be more pleased with how my career has evolved. I absolutely loved owning my own salon. I loved the freedom in choosing everything about how I wanted my clients to feel in my chair. I loved choosing my own hours, payment methods, color, products, music, etc. I’ve finally got it all how I wanted it to be. I loved being a hair dresser.

So what was my favorite part of doing hair?
This is a tough one. It’s truly difficult to narrow down just one. Other than developing relationships with my clients. I know how great it feels to have a haircut, and I loved being able to make people feel that way.

Do I think I’ll ever return to a salon and work as a stylist? Not now...
Now, I may change my mind in a few years or when the kids are grown.

What am I going to miss the most?
Talking to my clients. I’ve seen so many of them nearly every 4 weeks for the past 5-10 years. I know them and they know me.

It’s going to be strange to not get a life update every month or so. Sure, I’ll miss the act of doing hair, but more than that I’ll miss being a part of my client’s, your lives.

It’s truly going to be a bittersweet day. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience as a stylist. I’m forever grateful that God gave me these interests and talents, and I was able to use them for my job. Have you heard the phrase “if you love your job, you never work a day in your life” ? That’s really how I felt about it. I loved it.

And I’ll miss it. And I’ll miss you ! Heavy heart ❤️

Please, don’t hesitate to keep me up to date on your lives, and if you have a hair question .

Side note ...- if you have a color kit please leave in the box by the salon door .
[06/02/20]   What to expect when you come for your appt .

Wait in car till I come get you
No visitors
Don’t touch the dogs
Please use restroom before you come
Sanitize before entering
Wear face mask
Temperature checked before entering
I will ask you REVISED questions

I have clients who have health issues as well as my family I am taking this very serious and do not want to risk getting anyone sick . I ask you to answer the questions truthfully and if you feel ill or anyone you know please call and cancel . If you come down with Covid after your appt please contact me right away. I appreciate everyone and your cooperation . I wish we didn’t have to do any of this but it is what it is . I will do my best to follow the state guide lines and keep you all safe .

Looking forward to seeing you all again and making you feel great ! Can’t wait to catch up 🌸😷
[06/01/20]   I’m open tomorrow ! See you soon💜
So I can sell retail . 👏🏼
Sooo he changed his mind ...... Southern Tier Phase Two Reopening Delayed ITHACA, NY (WENY) -- Tompkins County officials announced Thursday evening the phase 2 of reopening the for the Southern Tier and other regions is being delayed.
[05/27/20]   Phase 2 should begin Friday. STILL WAITING FOR CONFIRMATION

As soon as the governor announces it officially, I will be calling to reschedule/schedule your appointment. I’ll be scheduling in the order that you were on my appointment book or contacted me to get on the list. For those of you that didn’t have a scheduled appointment or have contacted me to get on the list, it’s not too late to do so. Hopefully, I will be calling you or texting today or tomorrow with good news! I will do my best to get you in just as soon as I possibly can.

There will be a price increase for all services $1.00

I’m still waiting for the specific guidelines that I will have to follow. But, rest assured, I am prepared!

I will have strict guidelines once I reopen . A few to list
No guest when getting your hair done . You have to wait in your car till the other client leaves . Most likely a mask on. Sanitizing as you come in salon .

I will be taking product orders so I have everything you need at the time of your appointment. You can send those anytime.

Please be patient if I don’t get right back to you as I’m getting a lot of text and phone calls. I will do my best to get everyone in as fast as I can but know it’s gonna take awhile bc I can’t do everyone the first day .

As of now I will be opening this coming Tuesday so I have enough time to be completely prepared once I hear what the governor wants me to do and enough time to schedule everyone to make sure that everyone is safe .

I’m looking forward to seeing you again!

The Hairapist Salon
[05/13/20]   I also wanted to say thank you for holding out on your color that means a lot !!!

I understand if you can’t either .

Measure your roots please and let’s see who’s is out the longest ❤️💙💜
[05/13/20]   What is a positive thing that has come out of being quarantined at home ?

For me I have enjoyed braiding my girls hair at night , eating dinner with my family , and not showering or brushing my teeth till night (tmi😊).

This is very informative of the opening phase .
As of now I will not being opening till phase 2 I’m assuming. Once I get the go ahead I will then start making appointments.

Hope everyone is well. We are doing well here ! Looking forward to seeing everyone again . Have a great day . Warm weather is coming ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️ WATCH LIVE NOW: Chemung County holds a press conference with an update on COVID-19. We'll have a live report coming on WENY News at Noon, 5:30 and 6PM.
Well looks like if you wanted your hair to grow out this is a good time ! 😉
Hopefully see you all soon !

Still working tomorrow till 8!
I am gonna keep this short and sweet .
I know I have not answered a lot of you. I’ve been thinking what is best and that’s what’s taking me so long .
As of now I will be working this Saturday all day to get everyone in and then I will close till April. I will be contacting those who already have reached out or who already have an appt to move you. Now is the time to ask for an appointment if you don’t have one and need one before April.
Thank you for understanding

Dark and blonde 🎀 curls
[01/01/20]   HAPPY NEW YEAR🎉
Touch up grey with baby highlights ❤️
Perm 💜

Blonde with long layers 🧡
❤️Black and purple/red highlights 💜 beach waves 🧡
1st step to a new hair color

Going away from highlights to a Balayage!

Absolutely love Linda Ryan- Lanning
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💜 it!! So true
Before and after 💜
Kerasilk Long-lasting transformation into smooth and perfectly
frizz-controlled hair for up to 4-6 weeks.

Keratin De-Frizz Service controls frizz
and beautifies the hair’s natural shape.
About 4 hours later


Absolutely 💜💜💜
Goldwell Kerasilk Keratin Treatment is a pioneering professional product to make hair ideally soft, smooth, and silky. ... Curls are softened and defined, leaving hair manageable but not poker-straight; frizz and thickness is smoothed-out, but volume and body is kept.
Last 3-5 months
[05/15/19]   Salon closed till Wednesday. If you texted I’ll get back to you Wednesday night . Sorry for the inconvenience.

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